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Starts with Self-Reflection

Before You Can Step Out & Level Up, You Have to Know Who You Are and How You Want to Show Up

You're doing some pretty important work - work that nobody else is doing quite like you. But, do people really get just how important that work is, right off the bat? "Do they believe in your mission"

Is it clear enough for them to explain it to others and be your biggest cheerleader?

Your team has put a lot of energy into your brand over the span of its growth. It’s been through a lot of changes. But, along the way, has your message got a little … convoluted?

In an effort to go bigger and really make a name for yourself, you may have lost sight along the way of the bigger vision - and it comes across as confusing and all over the place to your audience.

It’s an uphill battle trying to get people to believe in - and buy into - something they don’t understand.

Before you throw any more money at marketing, you have to get to a place of simplicity and clarity around your core value proposition and what your brand truly represents.

About Your Guides

Amber Brooks is the founder of Brandividuation®. She’s helped businesses and leaders, from startup to multi-billion dollar revenue enterprises develop brand messaging and marketing initiatives. Amber offers a more in-depth and effective method of brand positioning and messaging by leveraging a third-party client intelligence process and applying psychology-based frameworks. This approach allows female founders and women-supported teams explain, embrace, and sell what they do and who they do it for so they can create impact while having an impactful life.

Laurie Baines is the Creative Director of Brandividuation® and owner of her own branding studio. Laurie’s an intuition-led expert in branding and design with 30 years experience who can see the big picture when it comes to your vision and the little details that make it whole. That’s why clients come to her as their visual brand strategist and creative director - for her refined skillset, acquired knowledge, and unwavering support. Visualizing the value you provide and communicating that to the world allows you to add depth to your vision and amplify your impact.

Together, Amber & Laurie help you grow your brand beyond your dreams.

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  • Learn the 8 must-have elements for a consistent true-to-you and desirable-by-dream-clients brand
  • Do the deep inner work of thinking through your brand’s soul purpose and non-negotiable promise
  • Start thinking through how your whole team can cohesively and collaboratively represent your brand

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